H1Z1 Just Survive PvP

Yo !

Here's a quick screenshot of a minimalistic base. I'm on a clan oriented server but there's also a "Solo PvP" server type where I should play. This one is more challenging because, alone, I can still play against a clan and try some tricks... >]

This screenshot gives a clue : the montains... but the map is so big that you can't see where the base is located -edited- Unless you watch the HUD and the position, which I'll blur on the next ones : H1. ;P

Let's see what I can do. I'll post videos or twitch stream "soon" after some practicing, like in a few weeks or so...

But globally, I'm going to try to raid bases alone ! \m/,

base building


Log: first raid on the base. one door broken. they got over the two walls around and broke directly into the central part (upgraded to stone). to-do: rebuild and put higher walls.

raid #1

The HUD in the lower right shows "Position : H1" heheh, you just have to guess on what server this is... so I'm ok, the raid is from clans scooting the map. Anyway the walls have to be higher. -_-;

With higher walls, it's needs a "Stronghold Vault". Done. -_-;

High walls and Stronghold Vault

crafting menu

upgrading the walls

Once, looting at Hunter's Drive, a quad appeared with two players, almost got one with the sniper rifle... almost.
once looting at hunter drive

Second time, after looting stuff at Ranchito, I got out of the city without problem, it was late and almoooost nobody on the server, EXEPT those 4 players popping out of a car while I was crossing a road... Nothing to do against 4, just shooted one and not enough to kill.other death crossing the road

Respawned and looted good rare stuff ! Luck ! I heard the guys with the car passing by not far... Hidden, I even tried to snipe them but a bit too late. Headed back to the base and kept farming a while. Respawn !

GG [wAt0] Bloss. I'v been too aggressiv' on this one, and used a wrong weapon (AR15).
dead again !