YAY ! H1Z1

heavy teamplay

Stopped NeverWinter for a moment.

Now trying H1Z1 Just Survive because killing zombies and players in a post-apocalyptic world like "walking dead" gives quite a lot adrenaline and emotions. Yep the game is not perfect but playable and visually nice. <3.

Cool facts:

  • 140 players per server
  • different game modes
  • party management
  • clan management
  • inventory management
  • crafting complexity
  • base building and management : very complete and evolving
  • weapons : bows, baseball bats, axes, guns, grenades of all sorts, sniper rifle, shotgun, AK47, AR15 (a bit limited in fact but playable, hoping the list will grow)
  • vehicules : too rare but "so cool" when you get one.
  • farming and looting : makes the gameplay of pvp : you loot from what you kill... ("erk" in reality this would suck and lead to a "negan"-like world... See "walking dead season 8" the understand this one; only sad point about the philosophy of the game, if there's one...) >P

Looking forward to see how H1Z1 Just Survive evolves !

<3 anyway ! ("it's not a bug it's a featuuuure !") ;D