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Squad file >>> Arma3 Squad called "340" which stands for Trois-Quatre-Zero in french, and was the codename given by world war 2 french resistance to the Trocadero (in front of the Eiffel tower) to meet safely there...
"Arma" is a video-game from Bohemia Interactive. The King of the Hill modification is really interresting with 3 teams of 30 competing. It's 30 vs 30 vs 30 ! So one team is almost always against 60 gamers (max players: 100).

I posted some recordings on my youtube channel. (more to come...)

Meta-4 2021 Screenshots (under construction) (VIP on Code4Gaming Servers) Screenshots (lowrez) Arma3 KOTH
Other members incoming.

BlackMeta Discord Server = #3DPrint #Gaming #OSHW #DIY #Arma3 #DayZ #Rollerskating and much more ! (news, videos, links and real dialogs!)