H1Z1 Just Survive PvP

Yo !

Here's a quick screenshot of a minimalistic base. I'm on a clan oriented server but there's also a "Solo PvP" server type where I should play. This one is more challenging because, alone, I can still play against a clan and try some tricks... >]

This screenshot gives a clue : the montains... but the map is so big that you can't see where the base is located -edited- Unless you watch the HUD and the position, which I'll blur on the next ones : H1. ;P

Dungeons & Dragons NeverWinter

Cool free-to-play ! Serious Fun.

I invite all my friends to try it and contact me by e-mail so I personally come help ! > meta4@massmulti.org

I posted screenshots on my personal website and reaching 70, I'll go try the PvP and Guild systems.

As a hardcore gamer, I can tell what is good on a user interface and what is wrong in ergonomy.

Yo !

Yep. This site is going up again. \m/,

I hope to post cool content about massively multi-user online ... applications, games, tools, servers, etc. !

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